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Green Line (Opinion & Debate Column).

This section of the website contains the archive of my Green Line column articles from April 2012 and ongoing. These generally cover Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean Political & Regional Affairs and in particular the Cyprus Question. There is a comprehensive, 6-episode history on the conflict on the island of Cyprus within the archive as well as pieces that have involved interviews with survivors of the period 1963-74. Turkey's fluid relationship with the European Union is widely covered too. I also run articles which concern the nations of Iran and Syria where I have personal contacts in both countries and in past times, I have worked professionally in Damascus. This enables me to produce articles from a unique perspective.


I have written an extensive amount of observational poetry over many years and a small sample of it is to be found within this section. Some key pieces have been sadly lost over the years as these were handwritten and  consequently were not saved electronically. Whilst a small aspect of my site, this has nevertheless proved popular amongst visitors and has attracted a lot of positive feedback.

The Friday Essay initiative came as a result of publishing some thoughts in the Cyprus Star and the Turkish Star newspapers in 2012. There are now eleven essays published on my site and these cover a wide range of topics internationally.

These are dedicated articles to the field of Waste Management & Waste to Energy initiatives, which is a sector within which I have ongoing interests and these too will be developed as events unfold around the world. I have also covered Gas & Oil exploration topics in the South-East Mediterranean region and future topics will include Green Transport and Eco-Housing initiatives with an emphasis on Earthquake resistant structures.

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